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Recently, SnapEx has attracted a lot of attention from community members. Simple interface, intuitive, easy to use are the strengths of SnapEx compared to other floors.
In addition, in my opinion, SnapEx has another factor that attracts users, which is SNAP Point. So what is SNAP Point?
In this article I will introduce to you in detail all the information you need to know about SNAP coins & how we earn $ 100 USDT from SNAP points on SnapEx.

What is SNAP Point on SnapEx?
SNAP Point or SNAP point is simply understood as a point on SnapEx floor.
SnapEx team has designed this SNAP point so that users can:

  • Earn SNAP points for doing some simple tasks.
  • Use this SNAP to pay transaction fees.

Currently, the purpose of SNAP on the floor is quite simple. However, according to information from SnapEx’s core team, they will add more features related to SNAP in the future.
In the following, I will show you how to earn lots of SNAP & how to use it most effectively.

Register a trading account on SnapEx: [wpsm_button color=”btncolor” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”none” class=”” rel=”nofollow”]Earn SNAP[/wpsm_button]

How to convert 10,000 SNAP to 100 USDT
Once you have 10,000 SNAP, you can exchange it for 100 USDT.
100 USDT you have the right to withdraw it or use it to trade on the floor.
How to change SNAP is as follows:
At the interface Assets >> SNAP >> Click on the Exchange button and confirm.
10,000 SNAP will be deducted and you will receive 100USDT for your SnapEx wallet.

So how to get lots of SNAP? I will guide immediately in the following section.
You can get many times, just earn 10,000 SNAP can be exchanged.
I have contact with team SnapEx, they plan to add many other features for SNAP points. For example, users can transfer SNAP to each other … So, I recommend that you keep this amount of SNAP and complete tasks (transactions, increase transaction volume …) to receive more SNAP. . When enough SNAP is exchanged for money. Or keep it for later.

How to earn lots of SNAP on SnapEx
The SnapEx team has designed it so that users can earn daily SNAP points through logging in and doing tasks.
Here are ways to earn SNAP:
Log in daily to earn SNAP
In the homepage, select Assets >> SNAP

assets snap

Next click on the Check button.

checked snapex

Here’s how to earn SNAP by logging in and checking daily. Every week, a total of 100 SNAPs is divided into 7 days of login. You can observe the points every day as shown above.

  • Each day is “Check” 1 time
  • The “Check” button is reset at 23:00 every day (GMT + 7).

Do missions to earn SNAP
Still in Assets >> SNAP interface, you drag down. There will be specific tasks as shown below:

Common snap

Some very simple tasks such as Register, Login, Place the first order …
The tasks related to the brother transaction Volume must reach that volume in order to be counted for completion. That is, the more you trade, the more SNAP points you get.
Note: When completing a certain task, you must click on the button corresponding to that task to receive a reward.
Earn SNAP from trading orders
This is simply a matter of placing & matching orders. The floor will automatically add the amount of SNAP corresponding to your brother’s trading volume.

  • SNAP from trading orders will be calculated according to the trading volume of that order.
  • SNAP is only added when the order is officially executed. If the order (not matched) is canceled, it will not be counted.

How to use SNAP to deduct from transaction fees
Using SNAP to deduct from transaction fees is one of the most practical applications for traders.
To deduct transaction fees by SNAP, you do the following:

snap fee

  • Click the Icon button 3 dashes.
  • Navigate to the SNAP Deduction section.
  • Check the box.

As such, transactions will be deducted using SNAP Point. Corresponding to 1 SNAP = 0.01 USDT. That means if your transaction fee is 0.1 USDT, the floor will deduct 10 SNAP.

However, here the floor does not require users to take SNAP to deduct fees. You may not choose this option, instead you can keep SNAP to exchange for USDT and withdraw to your personal wallet.

Frequently asked questions with SNAP scores

Is SNAP a token?
Is not!
Currently, SNAP is the (Point) point on SnapEx. I have no information as to whether SnapEx team will convert SNAP into tokens or not. But if that is the case, then the brothers who hold SNAP with them are very beneficial.

What is the purpose of SNAP on SnapEx?

  • Use SNAP to deduct transaction fees.
  • Use 10,000 SNAP to exchange for USD 100 to withdraw to wallet.

Can SNAP be transferred to each other?
The time is not!
But as I said above, the floor is planning to add many new features for SNAP Point. In the future, SNAP can switch back and forth between users. When will SNAP be listed?

Is it possible to trade SNAP on the floor?
The time is not!
SNAP is currently only the (Point) of SnapEx. It cannot be traded.

What features does SNAP have in the future?
As revealed by the SnapEx team, SNAP’s new features will soon be released to the public. When there is official information, I will update immediately for you.

SNAP Point is an interesting point on SnapEx compared to many other crypto derivatives.

In the perspective of the floor, it helps the floor motivate users to maintain login, access to the floor. On the end-users side like us, you can earn SNAP by logging in, trading, and cashing it out.

I am accumulating SNAP by logging in and increasing the volume in each transaction. The future when many new features on SnapEx, many SNAP point holders will certainly have many advantages.

What about brothers? How many SNAP do you have and what are you using it for? What do you expect when you add new features to your SNAP score? Let us know in the comments below.

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