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In Crypto market, you have many ways to make profit from bounty, airdrop, to trading and trading Crypto together. In addition, you can also trade its derivative products.
Recently, many exchanges have added Contract Futures trading feature.
In today’s article, I will discuss with you about SnapEx, to see what this exchange has in common!

What is SnapEx?
SnapEx is a trading platform for derivatives products of the Crypto market.
They aim to provide a platform for derivatives trading services of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.
With a team of top experts, SnapEx wants to provide an effective, safe and simple trading system, and also include many other related services to meet the needs of users.

Some other points about SnapEx floor
SnapEx is based in the following countries: Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam.
Since its inception, SnapEx has established strategic partnerships with Ecotree, Coin25ex and Bestex.
In 2018, they won the “2018 New Digital Asset Exchange” award.

Review SnapEx floor
Although it is a new exchange, SnapEx has some advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  • Allow OTC trading: SnapEx allows traders to buy / sell OTC with a number of Merchants on their list.
    You can buy Crypto with Fiat, then the exchange will switch to the corresponding USDT for you to trade.
  • Trading Competitions: They regularly hold trading contests with many attractive prizes. The latest contest has a prize of $ 600,000 USDT & free trade for participating traders.
  • Exclusive feature: K-line weighted average. This is a feature only SnapEx has. They will take the average price of 4 other major exchanges to display. Ensure transparency and fairness as possible.
  • In addition, they have the feature “zero spread and slippage” to ensure the spread of Buy / Sell is the lowest.
  • Flooring is supporting multiple languages
  • Have App on mobile application.


  • The trading products are not diverse: This can be easily understood when SnapEx is a new market. Currently, they only offer Crypto derivatives and OTC trading.
  • The current trading pairs are quite limited. Currently there are only 8 trading pairs with USDT, including: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, ADA, BCH, ETC.
  • High withdrawal fee: With SnapEx’s draw fee is 10 USDT per withdrawal. This is a relatively high fee compared to many other floors.

Instructions on how to register an account on SnapEx
In this section, I will guide you to register and verify your KYC identity on SnapEx.
Introducing the SnapEx floor interface.

snapex trade1

At the main interface of SnapEx include:
[1] Trade: The main place of transaction on SnapEx. In it, you will directly trade derivative products.
[2] OTC: Access to make OTC purchases / sales with Crypto.
[3] Invite: For those who have registered and KYC successfully, SnapEx will provide the Invite code or referral link for you to recommend to your friends.
[4] Affiliate: For those of you who are bloggers, or influencers … you can join SnapEx’s Affiliate program, introduce this platform through your communication channels to receive Commission.
[5] Assets: This is the place that allows you to manage your Fund, Deposit, Withdraw and SNAP tokens.

Prepare before signing up

  • Email or phone number you use often.
  • Some personal papers such as ID card, identity card, passport, passport …

Register a trading account on SnapEx: 

[wpsm_button color=”btncolor” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”none” class=”” rel=”nofollow”]SnapEx Contract Trading Exchange[/wpsm_button]

At the homepage, you select the Sign Up button to enter the registration page.

Here you enter the basic information to register.
Then click Submit to submit a registration request.
In the first step of this registration, you do not have to use email.

Verify your identity KYC

At the home page, you select the Account section to go to the authentication section

KYC snapex

Instructions for using the trading interface on SnapEx
SnapEx is a derivative exchange, so their trading tools are not diverse.

In the homepage, you select Contract to enter the Trading screen.

trade snapex

Below I will guide you with the Buy / Long command.
The order setup steps are similar to other Margin Trading platforms.

Limit: Enter the Limit price you want to join.
Margin: Enter the amount you want to participate in this order.
Leverage: Choose leverage level x10, x25, x50, x100.
SP, TP: Next, you choose SL and TP.
After installation is complete and sure with this command, you choose Buy / Long.


Before officially entering the order, SnapEx will show you the option of the Fee you need to pay.
You have to pay Fee in USDT
Here I choose to pay Fee by SNAP. Thus, the total capital required to start this order is 50 USDT.
Click OK to place the order.
Note: Below SnapEx has calculated for you the total amount of capital (Fund) needed to place this order.

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