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YOKdata means having a safe cloud storage environment with optimal security / privacy for personal and/or enterprise use with the ability to share your information in various ways without losing security. All of that within GDPR-regulations and without the risk of losing your data to hackers or having it ‘fished’ by government agencies.

YOKdata is airdropping 200 YOK coins (~$ 7) to airdrop participants.

1. Go to the YOKdata Airdrop form.

2. Follow YOKdata on Twitter. (+ 25 YOK)

3. Join YOKdata on Telegram. (+ 50 YOK)

4. Register on YOKdata. (+ 125 YOK)

5. Submit your ERC20 wallet address and other details to the airdrop form.

6. You will recieve up to 200 YOK coins.

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