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Bityard will be holding the first YouTube video recruitment contest on April 18th, 00: 01all the way until May 18th 23:59, Singapore time. The video will be produced and uploaded to the YouTube platform as required, and you will have the opportunity to receive 38,888 XRP in rewards! Show us your pull and win huge prizes!

After the event, Bityard will announce the list of winning videos on Bityard’s corresponding Facebook pages, and will issue the rewards to Bityard account of the winners within 3 working days!

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Terms and Rules of Competition:

Once each month, Bityard will be holding a promotional event and the videos to be submitted must be related to Bityard:

I. Video submission requirements:

1. The theme of the first issue is “Bityard Contract Trading Beginner’s Guide”, which includes but not limited to:

  • Introducing contract transactions
  • How to open an account.
  • How to start a simple contract transaction
  • Trading practice (can be firm or simulated, real operations will add extra points)
  • Order profit and loss

2. The video duration for this competition may not be shorter than 5 minutes.

II. Submission Method:

1. Upload the video to your YouTube channel. The title should be uniformly named “#Simple Bityard # + your video title”. Please indicate your Bityard ID in the video description below your video.

2. Please send an email to with the email address that was used to register the YouTube account. The title should be uniformly named: #Simple Bityard # + Video Theme. The body of the email must include the video link your Bityards ID.

III. Evaluation Criteria:

We will select the video according to the total number of views and likes and official rating as reference at 23:59 on May 18th, the Bityard team will act as judges for 70%, and the number of video playback and likes will account for 30%, multiple video submissions from the same creator will not count. Only one winner will be selected for the finalists, and the official website’s award announcement will prevail.

Prize Pool Distribution:

  Number of Entrants           1st Prize     2nd & 3rd Prize       4th-6th Prize     7th-26th Prize
Under 50 3888XRP 1388XRP each 588XRP each each 38USDT
Over 50 5888XRP 3888XRP each 1388XRP each each 38USDT
101-200 13888XRP 5888XRP each 3888XRP each each 38USDT
Over 201 38888XRP 13888XRP each 5888XRP each each 38USDT

Please note: Participation awards are given to users that hit 7th-26th place, and meet the video standards, achieve over 500 playbacks, and thus will be rewarded 38 USDT.


1. If no outstanding video works are found during this competition, Bityard reserves the right to extend some awards to the next video contest.

2. After the user participates in the submission, the video copyrights will be shared by both parties (Bityard and the uploader). BITYARD has the right to global delegation, reproduction and other related uses for the purposes of promotion, and the right to use these works on the official BITYARD channel.

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