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In 3 days there will be a new Swap, which is mentioned by Binance Dex!
✅ Step 1: Must have a TrustWallet wallet, if you don’t have a TrustWallet wallet, download it right here:
✅ Step 2: Access the project link:
✅ Step 3: Click Collect to Wallet >> Success, wait for the results to receive!

What is Defi + Game?

Defi + Game is a closed-loop complete ecosystem. BambooSwap will be combined with the decentralized gaming platform to build a decentralized economic ecology based on the Binance Smart Chain. On the one hand, BambooSwap provides liquidity for the gaming platform tokens ,On the other hand, the gaming platform will use 10% of the platform’s profits to buy back Bamboo tokens to empower BambooSwap. All the decentralized gaming platforms will support bamboo tokens for playing and betting, and all the bamboo token profits will be burned . The key here is ecological integration and community sharing.

At present, 10 decentralized gaming platforms based on Binance Smart Chain have joined our ecosystem and they are developing migration contract protocols now. The first platform to join is, and the other 9 platforms are R***T, O***T, J***T, B***Y, K***T, B*** T, B***T, B***H, B***M, they will be announced after they finish the migration !

What is, the first decentralized gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain, you can mine rocket token by playing games, staking and get profit dividends, participate in the platform’s profit distribution and governance.

Why gaming platform ?

There are real players on the gaming platform, and real profits are obtained by providing gaming services, and the profits are sustainable. Sustainable profitability can continue to empower BambooSwap.

Is that all, just gaming platform ?

No, it’s just the beginning. Except these 10 platforms, we are now communicating with other quality projects. More quality projects will join us soon! Please look forward to our good news.

Is that all, just AMM dex ?

No, AMM dex is just the beginning. D-Lending, D-Insurance, D-Asset Management, D-Financial management, D-Borkerage, D-Investment banking will join our ecosystem.

In general, Defi+Game is just the beginning. We prefer to call the entire ecosystem Defi+. Let us start this exciting journey together now!

About trading fee and reward distribution

BambooSwap applies a 0.30% fee to all swaps/trades, of which 0.25% will go to Liquidity Providers (LPs), and 0.05% will be converted to BAMBOO tokens and given to BAMBOO holders as additional rewards.

Liquidity providers are given liquidity pool tokens (BAMBOO LPs) that represent their share of each pool, and can earn a portion of the fees collected in these pools when removing liquidity.

LPs can then stake their BAMBOO LP tokens to farm BAMBOO token rewards.

About BAMBOO release and distribute

Initial release schedule:

  • round1 [30000*7] BSC blocks (approx 1 week)-40 BAMBOO per block
  • round2 [30000*14] BSC blocks (approx 2 weeks) -60 BAMBOO per block
  • round3 [30000*30] BSC blocks(approx 1 month)-80 BAMBOO per block
  • round4 [30000*180]BSC blocks(approx 6 months)-100 BAMBOO per block
  • round5 [30000*360]BSC blocks(approx 1year) -80 BAMBOO per block
  • round6 [30000*360]BSC blocks(approx 1year) – 60 BAMBOO per block
  • round7 [30000*360]BSC blocks(approx 1year)- 40 BAMBOO per block
  • round8 [30000*360]BSC blocks(approx 1year) – 30 BAMBOO per block
  • round9 [30000*360]BSC blocks(approx 1year) -20 BAMBOO per block
  • round10 [30000*360]BSC blocks(approx 1year) -10 BAMBOO per block
  • After round10, BAMBOO release will stable at 10 BAMBOO per block .

About Initial Liquidity Pools(LPs)

The initial set of LPs and BAMBOO reward multipliers as below:

  • BNB/BAMBOO, 18x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/ROCKET, 18x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/USDT, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/BUSD, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/DAI, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/BTCB, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/ETH, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/LTC, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/BCH, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/EOS, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/XRP, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/XTZ, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/DOT, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/LINK, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BNB/ADA, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • BTCB/USDT, 1x BAMBOO rewards
  • ETH/USDT, 1x BAMBOO rewards

We will use dynamic adjustment strategy algorithm to auto control the multipliers after round1 finish (the first 7 days).

About the profit injection and buyback

The cooperative gaming platform will inject 10% of the platform profit into the buyback pool . The buyback pool will take 0.5% of the funds for bamboo buyback every half an hour.

About referral rewards

Yes, we have a special invitation reward system !

Part of the BAMBOO token will be used to as referral rewards every half an hour. The referral reward share ratio rules will be announced before official launch. But you can use the referral link to promote and invite your friends now!(effective in round1~round3)

About Leaderboard contest

Part of the BAMBOO token will be used to as Leaderboard contest rewards.

About airdrop

Part of the BAMBOO token will be used for airdrop. Please follow us (Twitter Telegram Medium) and get the airdrop latest news.

About token burn

All the cooperative gaming platforms will support BAMBOO token playing and betting. All the BAMBOO token profits will be burned forever.

About Rewards

10% BAMBOO token fees will save as team development fund for further development. 10% BAMBOO token will use as airdrop , referral bonus , daily leaderboard contest and weekly race . Our vision is to make BambooSwap the NO.1 Defi+Game AMM Dex on Binance Smart Chain.

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