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In this short list we’ll be looking at ways to get free Bitcoin which are safe and reliable and won’t have you spending hours just to get a few bucks. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be earned through short surveys, quizzes, link visiting and other quick actions that advertisers or website hosts are willing to pay for the completion of. While you won’t be raking in a whole Bitcoin from these sites anytime soon, they can provide you with just enough free Bitcoin to get started with your portfolio or trading account.

Surveys and Offer Sites

cointiply free
Earn Free Bitcoin on Cointiply

If you’re looking for a way to earn free Bitcoin without any funds to get started, signing up to a survey marketplace like Cointiply is one of the best ways to get started. Sites like Cointiply offer users a range of short surveys and offers to complete which are paid for by Advertisers working with the site. While there are minimum withdraw limits in place across Cointiply and other survey/offer sites, you can usually withdraw your free Bitcoin after a few decent sessions of filling out these quick surveys and forms.

Cointiply currently boasts over 19 million offers completed with over 674,091 users having earned 165 Bitcoins without spending a penny!

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SNAP Point on SnapEx exchange 100USDT

SnapEx has attracted a lot of attention from community members. Simple interface, intuitive, easy to use are the strengths of SnapEx compared to other floors.
In addition, in my opinion, SnapEx has another factor that attracts users, which is SNAP Point.
you can earn $ 100 USDT from SNAP points on SnapEx too easy.

snap free 100usdt

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If you’re feeling more on the lucky side, there are an abundance of Game sites that accept various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. While we cannot recommend game with any real funds, some of these game have free spins or free bonus games available with several offering the ability to withdraw those winnings after a period of time or once a threshold has been met. BitStarz is just one great example and is well respected among the gaming community.

bitstarz game

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Coinbase & Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn Free Bitcoin

Coinbase is by far the most popular place to buy Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies such as Chainlink, Tezos and many more. Coinbase offers a $10 USD bonus to new customers who make a purchase over $100 and their “Earn” program can net you over $250 USD of completely free Bitcoin by answering a few questions about certain cryptocurrencies and referring your friends to do the same. On completion of any “Earn” survey you are rewarded with that particular cryptocurrency which can then be converted to any other cryptocurrencies offered by Coinbase, including Bitcoin.

Signup to Coinbase to claim $10 worth of free Bitcoin and get started with the Coinbase Earn program today.

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