[Scam] LALA Forex review the project Capital conservation and fixed profits 2% daily from Australia


What is LALA Forex?
LALA Forex is a financial investment fund based in Sydney city of Australia. LALA Forex is a member of LALA Group Corp established in 2007.

Advantages of LALA Forex
LALA is the first fund in Australia that investors do not have to worry about losing their roots (losing all their capital). Specifically, when you invest in LALA, the contract will have a period of 90 days but the contract will immediately expire if your investment is less than 90%, now you have the right to withdraw the entire investment.

Registration LALA FOREX

Why choose LALA Forex?
– First, you always have capital preservation when investing in LALA.
– Second, LALA pays interest up to 2% per day and you can withdraw immediately.
– Third, you become a shareholder of LALA Forex with LAC with 1LAC = 1USD.
– Fourth, You receive attractive referral commissions up to 15% for 6 floors.
– Fifth, dedicated leadership team and 12 years of experience.
– Friday, LALA Forex is present in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Basic information about LALA Forex
Origin: Australia
Launch: June 2019
Parent company: LALA Corp
Established: 2007
License: ASIC & APRA
Investment: Foreign Exchange (Forex)
Interest rate: Up to 2% / day.
Accepted: BTC
Minimum investment: $ 100
Minimum withdrawal: 0.001 BTC.
Capital Insurance: Yes, up to 90% of capital.
Special points: LAC coin donation.
Payback: After 90 days. (Insurance> 90%)
Publicizing trading orders: Yes (Very detailed)
Withdrawal: Within 24 hours. It is mandatory to install security 2FA to withdraw money.

asic lala forex

LALA investment packages
Interest will automatically be added to your account at 00:00 from Monday – Friday every week.
Investor: Each day, LALA will pay you a fixed interest rate based on the investment package. Interest may be up to 2% / day on the amount you invest. For example, you invest $ 100,000, every day you will receive $ 2,000 in interest. Interests you can withdraw daily
The interest is determined as following:
100$ => 1.1%
5000$ => 1.3%
10000$ => 1.5%
20000$ => 1.7%
50000$ => 2%.
LALA Forex: LALA will use the amount you invest in Forex transactions. The profit from Forex LALA transaction and will pay you a fixed daily interest rate of 1.1% – 2% / day depending on how much you invest. The profit from Forex transactions of LALA reaches 60% – 80% / month. All trading orders of LALA will be published in detail.

Shareholders with Coin LALA

coin lala

LALA Forex investment guide
Step 1: Register for membership
You visit here:

register lalaforex

Then complete the information as shown above and press REGISTER to successfully register.
Step 2: Invest in LALA Forex
You click on Deposit => Select the amount => Press DEPOSIT
As shown in the picture below, I am choosing to invest $ 10,000 package. LALA has a lot of packages to choose from, the lowest package is $ 100 and the most is $ 50,000. If you want to invest more than $ 50,000, you can open multiple packages.

deposit lalaforex

Next, the system will issue a notification interface to tell us the amount (BTC) must be transferred, the receiving address. Now you just need to transfer the exact BTC number to the other wallet address.

Instructions for withdrawing money at LALA FOREX

From Ref withdrawal balance -> From balance withdraw to BTC -> Then withdraw to Your wallet


Registration LALA FOREX

Risk warning: Hyip and cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Epaybit will make best efforts to choose the quality project , but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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