Review ITN Group investing money in masternodes get profit 38.1% per month

ITNGroup company is a new platform that runs a business in the IT technologies field. One of the main areas of activity is unique earnings in masternodes, as well as investments in new financial markets, including the cryptocurrency market, the development and selling of online servers with high bandwidth.

ITNGroup platform is registered in Australia. Thanks to the corporations Act (an act that regulates the activities of cryptocurrencies throughout Australia), we can safely work in this country and provide investment services to users from other countries.

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ITNGroup platform

Features of ITN Group
Running date: March 16, 2019
Investment approval: BTC, ETH, DASH.
Minimum investment: $ 50
Minimum withdrawal: $ 10
Payment: Manual – Pay within 3-5 days
Interest paid: 7 days / week.
Investment interest: Withdrawal on the 1st and the 15th of every month

The packages of ITN Group
ITNGroup has 6 unique tariff plans.
1. Fast start package: Interest of 1.27% daily for 90 days [38.% constant]. Invest from $ 50 – $ 250. 115% ROI. Maximum buy 2 packages.
2. Medium package: Interest of 0.75% daily for 180 days [22.5% monthly]. Investment from 251 – 500 $. ROI of 135%. Maximum buy 2 packages.
3. Pro Nod package: Interest of 0.6% daily for 240 days [18 + (3 to 8)% monthly]. Invest from $ 1000 – $ 5,000. ROI 145% + bonus Nod [3- 8% monthly]. Maximum buy 2 packages.
4. Premium Nod package: Interest 0.54% daily for 300 days [16.2 + (3 to 8)% monthly]. Investment from 5001 – 12500 $. ROI 164% + bonus Nod [3- 8% monthly]. Maximum buy 3 packages.
5. Vip 2x Nod: Interest 0.5% daily for 365 days [15 + (5 to 12)% monthly]. Investment from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000. ROI 185% + 2xNod [5-12% monthly]. Maximum buy 2 packages.
6. Infinity Premium Nod: 25% monthly interest, monthly interest paid forever. Invest from $ 600 – $ 20000. Interest will be frozen for 90 days, after 90 days you can withdraw at any time. How many packages are available for this package.

packet itn

Investment guide with ITN Group

Register ITN Group account

After successfully registering you enter the registration email to click the account activation link.

Verify Email

You can “Verify account” to make a monthly withdrawal of up to $ 500k, if you invest but not exceed $ 500 weekly, then you do not need to do this step.

You can also install 2FA or set login mode via mail by clicking “Account settings” to install.

Deposit money into account
To deposit you into “Deposit Funds“, select the deposit port and click “Next step“.

Enter the amount of Crypto you want to load, or you can enter the number you want to load, which will give you a Crypto number. Then click “Next step“.

You will receive the exact Crypto number and the ITN Group Crypto wallet address for you to transfer money to.

deposit funds itn

Invest in ITN Group
When the money is loaded into your account, you can invest by clicking “Investments“, you click on “Buy package” at the interest package you want to invest.

investments itn buy

Choose the port with the money

Cash Wallet: The port you deposit in step 2.
Transfer Wallet: Is the money you transfer internally to others
Partner Wallet: Is money from referral of investment members
Continue to enter the amount you want to invest in the interest package you choose and click “Apply“.

itn group invest 250usd

Continue to press “Apply“, the investment process is completed.

deposit itn

Register ITN Group account

Risk warning: Hyip and cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Epaybit will make best efforts to choose the quality project , but will not be responsible for your investment losses.


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