Review Vexaglobal [US] is another long-term novelty in the area of ​​mid-annuals with a yield of 1% per day

Vexaglobal is another long-term novelty in the area of ​​mid-annuals with a yield of 1% per day during 130-180 working days. According to the technique, it is based on a self-written script, the domain is paid for 3 years ahead, the data encryption certificate and DDoS protection are provided by CloudFlare. The project has not yet begun to purchase advertising, and marketing does not pretend to be active from the start. According to legend, they plan to create their own cryptocurrency, exchanger and payment system. The internal interface is well prepared, there is no Russian language.

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Features of Vexa Global
Running day: April 3, 2019
Investment Acceptance: Bitcoin [BTC]
Minimum investment: $ 50
Minimum withdrawal: $ 50
Fee for each withdrawal: $ 5. Since this is a large investment site, you should invest large amounts of money and withdraw money once to avoid costs.
Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday to Friday.
Payment: Manual, pay within 24h – 72h [Payment will be paid in working days from Monday – Friday]

Interest packages of Vexa Global
1% daily interest for 130 days. No payback. Interest paid weekly. 130% ROI. Invest from $ 50 – 999.
– Interest of 1% daily for 150 days. No payback. Interest paid every 2 weeks. 150% ROI. Investment from 1000 – 9999 $. This is the best interest package to join.
1% daily interest for 180 days. No payback. Interest paid every 4 weeks. 180% ROI. Invest from $ 10,000 – $ 100,000.

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Vexa Products

At the moment, Vexa company is waiting for a license issued by the government in Estonia to manage the cryptocurrency market and the ATM network in the world!

According to all assurances from the Estonian government, the license should be on time, i.e. up to 15 May. At the same time, our office in Tallinn is opening.

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Vexa Coin will be an open-source cryptocurrency providing users with a high level of privacy. Addresses of recipients and senders and the amount of transactions will be hidden.
Vexa Coin uses the CryptoNight Proof of Work algorithm, designed for CPU and GPU digging. The block size is adjusted by a special algorithm, depending on the demand. Also, transaction fees are calculated by the algorithm. This prevents the centralization of mining and allows Vexa Coin to be used by ordinary users.

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Risk warning: Hyip and cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Epaybit will make best efforts to choose the quality project , but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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