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UMO-Finance company entered the stock market in 2009. It was established by skilled traders team. Education in world recognized universities as well as personal security trading experience will allow to develop onward strategies and concept to ensure stable profit path for proprietary trading company.

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Features of UMO-Finance
Launched: October 2, 2019.
Accept payment via: USD [PM, Payeer], Crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC]
Minimum investment: 50 $ – 0.01 BTC – 0.5 ETH
Minimum withdrawals: 1 $ – 0.0014 BTC – 0.015 ETH
Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday – Friday
Information on other forums:,
Payment: Manual, maximum payment within 48 hours. Withdraw money from Monday – Friday.

Registration of investment account: UMO-Finance

Video introduces UMO-Finance company.

The package rate of UMO-Finance
You can top up USD, BTC, ETH port through all ports that accept payment, then the value of the deposit will be converted to USD, BTC, ETH. For example: You deposit into USD port through LTC payment, the value at UMO-Finance will be calculated in USD for you.
1. USD package: Only invested through USD port. Payback at the end of the interest cycle.
Interest 1.4% daily for 16 days. Investment from 50 $. ROI of 122.4%.
Interest 1.6% daily for 24 days. Investment from 750 $. ROI of 138.4%.
Interest 1.8% daily for 30 days. Investment from $ 3,500. ROI 154%.
Interest 2.0% daily for 36 days. Invest from $ 12,500. ROI of 172%.
Interest 2.4% daily for 42 days. Investment from $ 50,000. ROI of 200.8%.
Interest 2.8% daily for 46 days. Investment from $ 250,000. ROI of 228.8%.

2. BTC Package: Only invested through BTC portal. No payback.
Interest 2.7% daily for 75 days. Investment from 0.01BTC. ROI 202.5%.
Interest 3.1% daily for 75 days. Investment from 7.50BTC. ROI 232.5%.

3. ETH package: Only invest through ETH port. No payback.
Interest 2.7% daily for 75 days. Investment from 0.5ETH. ROI 202.5%.
Interest 3.1% daily for 75 days. Investment from 300ETH. ROI 232.5%.

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Investment guide with UMO-Finance
Registration of investment account: UMO-Finance
When registering an account you will receive a 6-digit PIN-Code, remember these 6 numbers carefully to use when withdrawing money.

umo-financePIN Code

Step 1: Add money to your account
Click “+” at the port you want to top up [USD, BTC, ETH] >> Enter the amount you want to top up at the port you want to top up >> Replenish.

Step 2: Investment
Once the deposit has been made into your account, you can invest by clicking Deposits >> Select the package you want to invest >> Click Invest on the package you want to invest.

New Update: On October 16, 2019 in the United States of America, in state of Massachusetts in the city of Boston, a conference of UMO-Finance company was held
Conference participants:
UMO-Finance CEO – Niklas Larsen
Stephen Fletcher financial analyst and trader
The presentation of the company was held at this conference.
The conference discussed future prospects for the development of UMO-Finance and plans for the future.

UMO-Finance | Innovations
Risk warning: Hyip and cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Epaybit will make best efforts to choose the quality project , but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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