Review AlysDax – The hottest investment project from Dubai interest rate 1.27% daily

AlysDax is another great long-term battle project that will stir up the investment market in 2020, AlysDax is a project from Dubai [Currently 8Bit, UMO-Finance also come from Dubai and live forever without dying. a proof], a country is nothing but a lot of money so its projects also have to run very long to make a lot of money. The AlysDax project introduction conference is also very majestic, lavish also exalts everything. Users can easily see that AlysDax is no different from WeenZee or Hooplex. Hopefully this will also be a very successful project for those who join AlysDax right now.

Register investment account: AlysDax

Features of AlysDax

Launch: February 21, 2020
Port acceptance: USD [PM, USDT], Crypto [BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS]
Minimum investment: 25 $
Minimum withdrawal: 1 $ – 0.0005 BTC
Withdrawal: Manual, payment up to 24h within working days from Monday – Friday.
Interest paid: 7 days / week
Withdrawal fee: 1.5% for PM port – 1% for other ports.
Video conference launches AlysDax

The package rate of AlysDax
Currently AlysDax is opening 06 investment packages for customers to choose, depending on the investment package and your status status will have different profit levels, including:
– 30-day investment package: 0.78% profit daily for 30 days. Complete the root of the cycle. 23.4% profit
– 60-day investment pack: Returns 0.98% daily for 60 days. Complete the root of the cycle. Profit 58.8%
– 90-day investment package: Profit 1.13% daily for 90 days. Complete the root of the cycle. 101.7% profit
– 120-day investment package: Profit 1.18% daily for 120 days. Complete the root of the cycle. Profit 141.6%
– 150-day investment package: Returns of 1.23% daily for 150 days. Complete the root of the cycle. 184.5% profit
– 180-day investment package: Profit 1.27% daily for 180 days. Complete the root of the cycle. 228.6% profit
Note: The daily interest at AlysDax is not fixed, interest depends on many factors such as market fluctuations, trading profits of the system, … the rates below are listed by us as reference numbers. The survey is updated on February 25, 2020, your actual profit may be higher or lower than these numbers.

packet alysdax

Investment guide with AlysDax
Sign up for an account
Register investment account: AlysDax
Note :
AlysDax’s capcha is case-sensitive, so you enter it correctly.
After completing the registration process, please check the email inbox that the system sent (If you do not see, please check the whole spam mailbox) and click the “Confirm registration” button to complete the registration.
Update information
Step 1: Click the settings icon in the profile.
Step 2: Make the settings
Financial password settings (Password 2) – Required
+ Scroll down to “FUNDS PASSWORD
+ Set a financial password including 8 digits
+ Click “Save” to complete.
2-layer security settings (2FA) – Optional.
+ Scroll down to “2 STEP VERICATION
+ Scan QR code provided by the system into Authy or Google Authenticator application on the phone.
+ Enter the newly scanned 6-digit code into the “Security code” field
+ Click “Confirm” to complete.
Personal payment wallet settings – Required
+ Scroll down to the section “PAYMENT DETAILS
+ Enter the address of personal payment wallet.
+ Enter the login password and click “Confirm” to complete.
Recharge account
Step 1: Select the item “PORTFOLIOS” on the menu.
Step 2:
+ Choose recharge port.
+ Click “DEPOSIT FUNDS” to continue.

deposit alysdax

Step 3:
+ Enter the amount to top up.
+ Click “Deposit funds” to switch to the payment page.

Step 3: Make the payment as required, successful payment will be added to the account balance.
After having money in your account, go to the next step.
Conducting investment
Step 1: Select the item “PORTFOLIOS” on the menu.
Step 2:
(1) Create a portfolio: Choose an investment port.
(2) Enter deposit amount: Enter the amount to be invested.
(3) Portfolio time period, days: Choose an investment day pack of 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 days.
(4) Click “CREATE A PORTFOLIO” to complete the investment.

invest alysdax

Epaybit investing 60usd on Alysdax in 01 May, 2020.

Register investment account: AlysDax

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