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StakedWallet registered its business license in Australia in February 2020. StakedWallet e-wallet allows you to earn free money or invest in cryptocurrencies for daily profits. StakedWallet is not just a wallet but an innovative platform for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Every user can store their cryptocurrency and make money from it.

Features of StakeWallet
Official launch: February 4, 2020, officially for interest-earning investments from March 17, 2020.
Accept ports: BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, ETH, DASH
Minimum investment: 0.002 BTC – 0.2 LTC – 5,000 DOGE – 0.2 DASH – 0.05 BCH – 0.1 ETH
Minimum withdrawals: 0.001 BTC – 0.001 LTC – 10 DOGE – 0.001 DASH – 0.001 BCH – 0.002 ETH
Cash withdrawal: Instant – Instant payment
Interest paid: 7 days / week
Withdrawal: Yes, anytime if you leave your balance, after 30 days if you invest.

What is special about StakedWallet?

Store and receive profits: Just store your cryptocurrency in StakedWallet and get 0.2% of your daily income by making money with Proof Of Stake without any limits.
Invest and receive profits: Invest in StakedWallet and receive 0.6 – 1.5% of daily income. The longer you hold the money, the higher your percentage of income.
Make free money: Complete the simple tasks of StakedWallet’s Bounty program and receive SWL tokens that you can redeem for any cryptocurrency right in your account.
Refer friends: Invite your friends to become StakedWallet users and build your own 5-level partner network, you will receive up to 50% of the partner’s income every day.
Instant Crypto Exchange: Crypto exchange takes place right in your wallet. You will not have to spend time and money on transfers.
Low fees: Unlike other platforms, the exchange fee on StakedWallet is only 1%. It is 93% lower than the opponent.

Ways to make money with StakedWallet

First, you need to have a StakedWallet wallet account.

You click on the registration form below to create a wallet account.

Register StakedWallet

After registration is complete you proceed to login to your account and start making money with StakedWallet.

Option 1: Make money for free with StakedWallet

Complete the simple tasks of StakedWallet’s Bounty program and receive SWL tokens that you can redeem for any cryptocurrency right in your account.

You log into your account => Click Bounty to start the task of earning SWL Token (1 SWL = 0.01 $)

Insider Mission (1 SWL) and Wellcome gift (10 SWL): you will receive immediately when you complete the registration and log in successfully. Insider missions you receive every day 1 SWL
App user task: You download and install the StakedWallet app for Android on Google Play, and IOS has not got => Proceed to log in the app with the account you have just registered to receive 25 SWL.
Verified missions: Complete all Profile required to receive 10 SWL. Click Settings => Upload avatar and complete all required information
Mission First Friend: Invite a friend to register for an account through your referral link and that friend sends money into your wallet, then you receive 10 SWL immediately.
Soul of company mission: Use the FriendShare option right on the app to invite a friend to register, and that friend of yours will also use the FriendShare option to invite another person to register successfully, and receive 10 SWL immediately. Each day you can only make 1 time and a maximum of 5 times up to earn 50 SWL.
Grand Sponsor mission: Invite friends and they send money to Stakedwallet wallet and after 24 hours you will receive 50% of their income.
Blogger Task: Write an article about StakedWallet on your Blog. You will receive between 20 and 500 SWL. The better the article, the bigger the reward.
Blogger Video Tasks: Create a video about StakedWallet. You get between 20 and 500 SWL. The better the video, the bigger the reward.
Staying Turned Mission: Turn on push notifications and get 5 SWL right away.
Coin holder mission: Deposit in any currency and receive 2 SWL per day
Investor’s mission: Deposit in any currency and receive only 1 time of 20 SWL.
Get Up 1,000 SWL Quest: The quest is only available for 14 days starting from March 20, 2020.
…=> All SWL Token earned from Bounty you store in the wallet and multiply 0.2% interest on the day. The minimum amount to exchange to other cryptocurrencies is 100 SWL.

Bounty stakedwallet

Option 2: Make money by storing cryptocurrency in StakedWallet wallet

Just store any of your cryptocurrencies in the StakedWallet wallet and get 0.2% of your daily income. Currently, StakedWallet supports coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE and Token SWL and you have the right to withdraw coins at any time.

To top up your account, Overview >> Click Add at the port you want to top up >> You will receive the StakedWallet wallet address for you to transfer money >> When the money has been added, every day automatically you will receive 0.2% interest for until you withdraw the money to your wallet. This also means that you receive compound interest because the interest is calculated based on your daily account balance.

deposit stakedwallet

Option 3: Make money by investing in StakedWallet

Invest in StakedWallet and receive 0.6 – 1.5% of daily income. The longer you hold the money, the higher your percentage of income. Currently, StakedWallet only supports currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE.
When you deposit, you begin to receive 0.6% of earnings the next day. Your total investment is frozen for 30 days and you can only withdraw the income you receive. If you want to withdraw the original, then after 30 days you can withdraw.
After 30 days, the percentage of your daily income increases by 0.1%, which means you will receive 0.7% of the income from the deposit. Rate increases every 30 days.
The maximum income you can get is 1.5% a day.
The maximum investment period is 10 months. When this time passes, the percentage of your income returns to 0.6% and begins to increase again.
However, if you want to withdraw money (all or part of it) after a period of 30 days or later, the progress of your income percentage will be reset to 0.6% initially. Put simply, the more intact your deposit is, the better.

All commissions you receive are paid with SWL Token, you can convert SWL instantly into other available currencies in your account.

To convert SWL Token to other cryptocurrencies, go to Overview >> SWL Coin and select Exchange.

exchange stakedwallet

Register StakedWallet

Note: Investment always implies an investment risk, so you should consider investing within the financial limits allowed and be responsible for your investment decisions.

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