[Scam] Introducing teams of LALA Forex- Australia Investment Fund


L ALA Forex is a project of LALA Group of Australia. This is a long-established company established in 2007 with a very famous Forex trading profession in Sydney.

LALA Forex director is Mr. Murphy Peterson born in 1971 in Sydney, Australia. He graduated with a PhD in Business Administration and is currently the CEO of ANZ bank branch from 2007 to present. ANZ Bank is an international bank with eyes in many countries around the world. Murphy Peterson has a large number of Offline customers investing $ 120 million on the first day of launch.

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Murphy Peterson lalaforex

Mr. Murphy Peterson – LALA Forex CEO.

LALA Forex co-founder is Hughes Philips born in 1986 in Sydney in Australia. Mr. Hughes Philips graduated with a PhD in Banking and Finance and is a Technical Director at LALA Group from 2008 to present. A special feature is that Hughes Philips has 12 years of trading on the Forex market and is one of Australia’s leading Trader experts as well as the world.

Hughes Philips lalaforex

Mr. Hughes Philips – Co-founder, Technical Director of LALA Forex

LALA Forex co-founder also has Anna in 1985 in London, England. She is an international student of Australia but graduated with a PhD in Business Administration and has been working at LALA Group since 2007 until now. Anna excelled when she graduated from the University of New England University in Australia and will be in charge of Online Finance at LALA Forex.

Anna lalaforex

Anna – Co-founder, CFO of LALA Forex

Here are some pictures of LALA Forex in Australia:

LALA Forex Director – Brother Hughes Philips during a talk about LALA Coin. This is a potential LALA Forex Blockchain project in early 2020:

LALAForex team

LALA Forex created a project, LALA Lends, to help disadvantaged people with their own trading profits, which will help social situations with a very low interest rate:

LALAForex team1

LALA Forex’s lucky draw program takes place at the company’s conference room:

LALAForex team2

LALA Forex operates in many areas with strengths of finance and technology:

LALAForex team3

Share by Rodriguez, a big business owner in Sydney at LALA Forex office:

LALAForex team4

LALAForex team5

Mr. Martin, a member of LALA Group, shared about LALA Forex project:

LALAForex team6

And other images of LALA Forex:

LALAForex team7

LALAForex team8

LALAForex team9

LALAForex team10

LALAForex team11

Results of automatic forex trading system

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LALA Forex is a great project because it has been created by great people and a great company. Please share this LALA Forex project to many people so that we all can win you!

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